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We all know that racing is about winning, but let’s be honest…in today’s competitive environment, winning is a group effort. From the amateur ranks to those skilled enough to become professionals, no one driver can do it alone.

But how do you get there?

There are plenty of race shops out there that will maintain your car and provide a little coaching. Some may even listen to your feedback and make a few adjustments. But are the dollars you’re spending with them simply covering a race weekend or are they being invested in a long-term strategy to improve your driving skills, lower your lap times, and help you achieve better results?

That’s what makes us different…

Formed by a group of racers, crew members and car enthusiasts, Racing Analytics focuses on you, the driver, through a unique program that captures, collects and analyzes data from various sources that directly impact your driving skills. And although our process is valuable for a single race weekend, its effects are cumulative over the course of a race season and compounds even further over your entire racing career.

So…if you pay to have your car set up but you’re not told how it should respond, you request changes at the track but no one seems to make the proper adjustments, or if you simply don’t feel like your investments have improved your results, why not inquire on how Racing Analytics can help?

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The RA Difference

We've all been there - you remember - picking up your car at the shop before the big race only to spend the entire weekend disappointed because you were several hundred $'s poorer rather than 2 seconds a lap faster! And although no one can guarantee specific performance gains, we can promise that after we work on your car, you'll know more about what was done to it and how it should respond. Unlike others, we provide knowledge around our services to help you drive faster.

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